Thursday, Feb. 28, 2002 || Krispy Kreme and Expanding Thighs

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OK, I think I have discovered the reason that my thighs and back end have an expanding ministry. Just 2 months after we moved to this area 2 years ago, a Krispy Kreme opened it's doors.

Now, I had tasted Krispy Kreme donuts before when we lived in SC, and did not like them. I preferred the taste of Dunkin Donuts to the overly glazed, seemingly greasy confectionary delights of the above donut franchise. But, with the introduction of this hideous establishment into our community, I made one fatal mistake: I was at Wal-mart the day they handed out freebies.

"Well, why not?" I thought as they dished out boxes of six, hot and fresh off the assembly line to unsuspecting donut addicts leaving the shopping mecca. "Perhaps they have improved with time," I innocently thought, and brought home the warm box.

Well, folks, that was all she wrote! Now I am hooked. But not too the hot glazed ones, oh, no. That would be too easy. Those little suckers have a mere 11 g of fat per baked delight. Nope, I am into the hard stuff.

This chick enjoys the chocolate iced creme filled. And would you care to know how much fat the shell alone of this little gem contains? I looked it up today, and to my horror, 18 g of fat. For one stinking donut...and that doesn't include the best part...the creme filling! YIKES!

But my chagrin does not end here. Oh no, to add insult to injury, my hubby and I were led by the irresistible smell of hot donuts to the drive thru last night, as we walked to another store in the strip mall (oh, yes, we have a twenty-four hour drive-thru here, and did I mention that we are a mere 2 minutes down the road?). And horror of horrors, they have a special feature donut they are peddling right now. Are you ready for this?

New York Cheesecake...

Ooooiiii! What's a gal to do? Fresh yeast dough cooked to golden brown perfection in a vat of hot oil, then inserted with a creamy cheesecake filling and topped with white icing and graham cracker crust crumbs. And of course, they don't even publish the "nutritional" content for this one!


Oh, the sweet tast of defeat. I only hope my thighs can survive the onslaught.

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