Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2002 || Lingering headache, treadmills, and other miscellaneous stuff

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I have been trying to think of something interesting to say for the past few days. My mind is drawing a complete blank. Perhaps I can blame it on this lingering flu, or sinus infection, or whatever it is causing my head to split wide open unless I take ibuprofen to dull the throbbing.

Actually, this morning I am beginning to feel like myself again. Even though I am still in my pjs, I have managed to get everyone else in the house ready and fed (breakfast), my devotion and Bible reading completed, a load of clothes in the wash, and our Sam's Club renewed.

I have decided that I need to get a treadmill. I plan to use some savings and pay it back with interest. Better than giving the interest to a credit card company. Sam's has one that I am going to check out sometime this week. I feel so out of shape, and I loved using a treadmill when I had a gym membership. It will fit nicely in my office and I can use it rain or shine.

I am currently addicted to Creme Savers raspberry hard candies. They are so yummy! But to my horror, there is 1.5 grams of fat in each little peice of ecstasy! The horror of it all! AAACCKKK!! So, I am monitoring myself, limiting my intake of these scrumptious little gems. Ah, to be in a land where fat grams didn't add up!

Yup, in my dreams...

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