Thursday, Feb. 07, 2002 || Jess' Sevens List

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I got this from Jess:

Seven Things That Make You Laugh

[1] My kids' giggles

[2] Rob's jokes

[3] Old year book entries

[4] Looking through old pics with my sisters and/or my friend, Tammy

[5] The Wedding Singer

[6] Steel Magnolias

[7] reading funny cards at the store with a friend

Seven Things You Love

[1] God

[2] Rob

[3] my kiddos

[4] my family

[5] a hot cup of coffee with amaretto creamer

[6] a purring kitty on my lap

[7] the sound of the ocean

Seven Things You Hate

[1] lying

[2] dirty dishes

[3] chain e-mails

[4] dirty clothes left behind the bathroom door

[5] betrayal

[6] when someone doesn't keep their word

[7] not being able to help someone who is hurting

Seven Things On Your Desk

[1] coffee mug from this morning

[2] sticky notes

[3] Bible

[4] devotional book

[5] bills

[6] At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon

[7] box of address labels

Seven Things You are Doing Right Now

[1] Chatting with Jess on AIM

[2] filling this thing out (lol)

[3] trying to ignore my headache

[4] trying to ignore the fact that I have to go potty

[5] trying to remember all that I have to do today!

[6] getting over the flu (thanks, Janie!)

[7] trying to find a way to share God's love with a friend

Seven Facts About You

[1] control freak

[2] love to sing

[3] enjoy teaching

[4] want to go back to college

[5] major sweet tooth

[6] talkative

[7] impatient

Seven Things You Plan To Do Before You Die

[1] finish college

[2] watch my kids grow up

[3] be a grandma (not for a while yet!)

[4] learn to forgive those who have hurt me

[5] come to terms with my past

[6] grow closer to Christ each day

[7] grow old with Rob

Seven Things You Can Do

[1] write

[2] sing

[3] study

[4] wiggle my ears

[5] bake

[6] turn my hubby on (grin!)

[7] procrastinate

Seven Things You Can't Do

[1] stop fretting

[2] forgive easily

[3] a split (lol)

[4] play an instrument

[5] learn to like shoot-em-up video games

[6] stop believing in God

[7] for now, believe that I am attractive (I am working on this one)

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