Wednesday, Feb. 06, 2002 || There's no place like home...

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Well, I am back in the lovely state of Misery. And actually, that description is quite appropriate since I brought Flu Fest 2002 home with me, not to mention a pleasant visit from that friend who shall remain nameless, and is only welcome when one is hoping they won't be buying diapers nine months from now...

So, what have I done my first day back home? Brace yourself for the excitement, the intrigue, the pure, unadulterated ecstasy...

Sleep. Sleep. And sleep some more.

Poor Rob. Here he thought, "Finally, my wife will be home and I will get a break": no such luck!

As for my flights back, I arrived at BWI just over 2 hours before my departure time, really relishing the thought of a 1.5-2 hours wait in the terminal (not). "Last name, please," the polite woman at the Northwest Airlines counter asked, as I searched my purse for the ticket. No sooner had I produced the item, that I heard her mumble under her breath to another ticket agent, "That flight was just cancelled...mechanical failure."


But no need to fear, said ticket agent began perusing the computer options. "I can get you on a 2:30 flight."

Today? Like, 20-minutes-from-now-2:30 flight?

Let me just say that I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have to do something to start working this early-30's-body out. One just should not be winded cruising a handful of gates down the terminal!

So, I ended up going to Minneapolis instead of Detroit and arriving home an hour early. Which of course gave the hubby a great excuse for still having dishes in the sink.


And what of my first night home? After handing out giftage to the family unit, I promptly fell asleep on the couch while my hubby had his ear talked off by a well-meaning, albeit, overly zealous friend of ours. He blamed my lack of attention on Flu Fest (no mind that the endless droning would have put me to sleep anyway).

Yup, after a week away from my darling spouse, this chick was sound asleep by 10 PM. Hey, cut me some slack, that's 11 PM to my body after being on the east coast for a week!

So, let us give a resounding thanks to the lovely Saunders family for allowing me the honor of bringing the coughing-sneezing-stuffy-head-fever-I've-GOT-to-rest illness home with me (grin). Love you, Janie, mean it!

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