Monday, Jan. 28, 2002 || The role of suffering

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My devotion today was tough to swallow. It may be truth, but God's Word isn't always easy, is it?

"There is a positive aspect to suffering. We all endure suffering to some degree, but the good news is that through it we become more like Jesus. Are you willing to pay whatever price is necessary in order to become like Christ? ...If you become bitter over your hardships, you close some parts of your life off to God.... Learn obedience even when it hurts."*

Wow! That is really extreme, isn't it? How much am I willing to suffer to become like Christ? To be conformed to His image? I am not sure if I can, today, say, "whatever it takes, Lord." Moving half way across the country from all family and friends was one thing. Enduring betrayal and hurt at the hands of so-called friends, tough, yes, but I have survived and grown. But how far am I willing to go...would I give up my kids, my husband, my home? Can I really say, "I surrender all"?

I am just being honest.

*Experiencing God Day-by-Day

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