Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2002 || Out of my box

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Yesterday, Rob and I went down to Springfield for a meeting; a member of our church, Kevin, tagged along to film some interviews of other pastors who have been involved in either staring a new church or directly in our church. He is doing a documentary on our church as a class project for one of his college courses. It is even going to play on one of the local cable access channels. So, good exposure for our church.

On the way there, Kevin asked me if I would do the interviews since he lost his voice screaming his fool head off at the Rams playoff game Sunday. So, there I was playing Barbara Walters with the president elect of my hubby's alma mater...can I just say that was a bit unnerving? I mean, he was a nice guy and all, and very prolific, but here I am sort of shooting the breeze with one of the leaders of our fellowship of pastors/churches. That was a bit out of my box, but I am finding that God is really doing that to me lately - forcing me into new and scary situations just so I have to depend on Him, trust Him. God's funny like that, you know? Stretching us, pulling us along, whispering, "just trust me..."

It was nice to get away for the day. I even saw some old friends, some folks I hadn't seen in quite some time. All but one of the speakers had some really good things to say, especially the music minister at the church. I was pleased to see that some of what he was suggesting, we have already incorporated into our service. Affirmation that we are heading in the right direction.

For the few of you who actually read this thing, a prayer request. Our church may have the opportunity to rent a church building on Sundays that would more than triple our space. Rob is to meet with some of thier elders next Monday - please be in prayer for this. The church wants to rent to us; the issue that has not been discussed and could keep us from this golden opportunity is money. If they want more than we are currently paying, we will not be able to do it.

Anyway, it is after noon and I am still in my pjs, so time to get a move on and do something productive today!

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