Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2002 || Just because I am a pastor's wife...

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On the way back from Springfield, Rob, Kevin, and I were discussing love languages*. I am definitely a words of affirmation gal, but since I didn't always get a lot growing up, I still don't know how to take it when someone compliments me. I am trying to train myself to just say, "thank you."

Kevin had complimented my singing earlier. I was explaining how it was hard for me to just say thank you and not ignore it. He said, "that is why I said it three times until you answered." Then Rob pipes in some smart remark which I can't remember now. Kevin quips, "well, you have nice hands" (Rob plays guitar). I replied, "YES, he does!" If Kevin would have had soda in his mouth, I think it would have hit the windshield.

Yes, folks, even pastors wives enjoy a and again!


Is that the kind of "dirt" you were talking about, Janie?! ;-)

*The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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