Tuesday, Jan. 08, 2002 || Alphabet Soup

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Our library has an adorable program called "Storytime" for kiddos ages 3 to 6. Parker falls neatly into that category, and when I am cognizant enough to remember to call the library on the designated registration day, we attend this wonderful little activity.

Nevermind the fact that we have a one in three chance to have to listen to (or should I say, endure) "The Sing-Song Lady." Yes, folks, she sings everything she says to the kids...."he-llooooohhhhh!"...."o-kaaaaayyyyyy!" You get the idea.

I will sit through even that to see the look of pure, unadulterated joy eminating from my youngest progeny. His big, blue eyes turning every once and while to me as he says, "I did it!" because he acted out the little rhyme or sang a song. Today he even put his little hand out for a "five". Helping him put together his craft - a picture of a bowl of alphabet soup. Who cares if the only letter he knows is "P". If you ask me, he is still the smartest, cutest three year old in the world!

Days like today just won't last for long.

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