Friday, Jan. 04, 2002 || Harmless addiction...?

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I think I am becoming addicted to this diaryland thing. Perhaps it is becoming a sort of therapy for me, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if it helps! I read a disclaimer that another poster had on her diary, something about her diary being for her, a place where she works out her feelings, etc., and that if anyone is offended, that is just too bad!! ROFL! Perhaps I could do that - hehe.

I slept in this morning thinking it could be a "chill" day. After over a week of company, who were great, actually, but you know how it is after you have had a houseful for a while... Anyway, I digress... I had the crazy idea that I could relax today. That is until I remembered that my "To-Do" will be off the charts as I prepare for the weekend. Rob is teaching the new members' class here at 10:30 tomorrow morning; we have another out of town guest coming in later that day (just one, our good buddy Chris from Spfd); and let's not forget all that has to be done for church on Sunday - bulletin, song service planning....etcetera and etcetera.

OK, so what am I doing writing in this thing when there is so much to do? I enjoy leading a stressed-out life? I like to live on the edge and finish things at the last minute, still trying to catch my breath? I need to see a psychologist?


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