Thursday, Jan. 03, 2002 || A quiet house

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I had almost forgotten what it sounded like....a quiet house. Today we went from 10 people in constant occupancy, six of which were children, to three: Rob, Parker, and I. At least until 3 PM when the kiddos get home from school. It was kind of eery at first. Rob said, "Can you hear that?" Quiet. It is kind of a melancholy sound for me.

Quiet means my sister and family are on their way back to TX, no closer to knowing God's will concerning a possible relocation to MO then they were when they came. I know that Rick still really wants to move here. He likes the area, likes the church, loves spending time with Rob. I think Marlen is torn a bit. I think she wants to be closer to some of her family. I know she still misses MD. I also think that she is not sure she could go back there either.

Enough conjecturing! Perhaps Marlen will shed some light on what her true feelings are in her diary (hint, hint).

Quiet means life is returning to normal. A regular routine. Kids in school.

But the "abnormal", while exhausting, often crazy, and even frustrating at times, was pretty neat while it lasted!

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