Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2001 || Random Babblings

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Do I really have anything interesting to say today? If one bases this hypothesis on past entries, one might conclude with a hardy, "NO!" But, alas, I will try nonetheless.

I got up early with the kids, as usual, with plans to lay back down for a bit, as I had stayed up till 2 AM. The phone rang just after 8....a resume client. Good and bad - good because I can use another client this month (and given that the holidays are upon us, this will probably be the last one of the year); bad because, by golly, I was almost asleep again!!

So, I set the appointment for tomorrow morning and decided I might as well stay up. I started the coffee, read my Bible, and waited for Rob to return from taking the kiddos to school. And when he does, he declares he is laying back down (he stayed up later than I did playing with his new Adobe program). So, while the coffee continues to brew, I snuggle up spoon-style with him. And, you guessed it....

NO! Not sex! Where is your mind today?? This is a G-rated program (ok, well, maybe PG, but c'mon, do you think I would tell you about THAT even if it did happen!?)

Actually, I fell asleep. And do you know what happens when you dose off unexpectedly like that? You have really weird dreams. And did I ever. Have you ever had dreams when, after you wake up, you can only "feel" them, see some pictures in your mind, but not really make any sense of them, and God forbid you try to explain them to somebody. The next thing you know you are on your way to a therapist session!

So, this is how my morning has unfolded so far. And what am I doing now that I am several hours behind in my original plan for the day. Writing in this thing! Perhaps I DO need a therapist...

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